Good News

East Coast

Art Director + Designer / New York, NY.  / 2019

Team: Daniel & Lauren Brook, Brit Phillips Michelle Palafox, Rayna & Ryan Liu, Larry Cerpas, Naomi Paul, Kat Lisciani, DP Jolly, Dane Yankowich, Melenie McGregor, Kevin Lai, The Bløck


There is Good News for You...

For many — Christianity & the message of the Gospel does not resonate. Still, Easter remains the most important event in Church as it symbolizes the Hope and Salvation, accessible to all, in Jesus and The Good News that He brings.

This multi-platfrom digital & print campaign sought to challenge the midset of those in disbelief and affirm that of what, in faith, Christians believe to be true.

By equipping Church members with print and digital collateral we aimed to literally take the message of this “Good News” to the streets using a gorilla marketing approach. Provocative and thought-provoking messaging, the juxtoposition of color / typography and attention grabbing textures / mediums were all used to encourage individuals to seek out this “Good News” at Easter Weekend Church services for an accompanying live “experience.”