MLS Next Pro


Designer / New York, NY. / 2022

Team: Esther Li, Courtney Perets, Harmand Ponder, Chloe Sutter, Joey Camire, Michael Ian Kaye, Daniel Ouisek, Displaay Foundry


The Future of North American Soccer.

MLS Next Pro is North America’s newest development league for professional men’s soccer. This league exists to help athletes advance from the existing MLS Next league to the MLS. As a team of strategist and designers, we created a dynamic brand identity and architecture built on sound strategy and brand positioning. 

This brand sought to activates local communities and generate an overall excitement among MLS players, sponsors and owners.

The work was drivin by the core idea of Never Not Improving: an expression of the constant drive needed to rise to elite player status. The energetic identiy also involves custom typeface developed with Daniel Ouisek and Displaay Type Foundry to mimic movement across the pitch. The visual language is designed to create memorable advertising, apparel, and campaigns in the seasons to come.