Raja Flores
for NYC Mayor

Kevs & EvsTM

Art Director + Designer / New York, NY. / 2021

Team: Kevin Lai, Bradley Growden, Michelle Palafox, Isaac Faith, Ted Obi, James Blum, Dr. Raja Flores

A Son of New York City.       
Mayor for All People.      

Dr. Raja Flores is a son of the New York City. His story is woven into the the very fabric of New York like the rest of those who call NYC home. His grit, work ethic, and deep passion to care for others was forged on the streets of downtown Manhattan, leading him to develop relationships with people of different classes, races, religions and ethnicities. Raja’s campaign rests on his desire to help bring health and vitality to each person that fights to lay down roots in the city that never sleeps.

This mayoral campaign identity was inspired by a vintage NYC — the NYC Dr. Flores grew up in. Handpainted signs, 60’s / 70’s subways, nostaligic sports memorabila & an overall desire to pay homage to the humble & hardworking tenacity New Yorkers have to make a life here.

Logo, color, and type systems were developed to frame web, marketing & campaign strategies / collateral. 

Good luck Dr. Flores!