Studio 226

Kinda SmallTM

Interior Designer + Fabricator / Brooklyn, NY. / In Progress

Clients: Elliott Skinner, Zachary Mullings, Koa Ho, Dani Murcia

Mindfully Making Music.

The talent & musicality of these four friends far exceed the square footage they will be singing, songwriting & producing music in...but that just lends itself to a design challenge & thoughtful design choices.

This studio is designed to create a comfortable environment that remains flexible, efficient & cost-effective.

Elegant plywood framed acoustic panels, ambient task lighting & a lofted storage / lounge space all help to maximize the square footage without sacrificing intimacy.

A simple wooden dowel partition in the lofted footprint speaks to choir lofts and pipe organs often seen in churches. This feature also elongates the space vertically helping the room to feel more expansive.